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When you make a plan to visit Nepal, you should know where exactly the country is! Nepal is located in between China and India in the lap of Himalayas. You need to know the distance from your country to Nepal and decide which would be the best airlines to travel to Nepal. You can fly directly to Nepal from various cities of world or you may enter by land from Indian boarder and from Tibet as well.

Being covered by hills and mountains, many people think that trekking and expedition are the only activities possible in Nepal. In fact, there are much more to do in Nepal besides trekking and Mountain climbing. We have lots of historical and cultural places, tropical forests, ancient villages, temples, monasteries, fast flowing rivers, lakes etc. You can involve yourselves in sight-seeing, jungle safaris, rafting and experience the typical lifestyle of people in villages of Nepal.


The best season for visiting Nepal is from October to May. Summer and Monsoon season is not appropriate for visiting such a mountainous country but it is still possible to trek in Mustang and Dolpa region which are the dry part of the country. It is quite cold in Nepal from December to February, therefore it is not pleasant to go to high mountains but it is suitable for trekking in lower lands with clear blue sky and sunny days.


While you are travelling inside Nepal, you need to be careful about using public transport. There are a lot of domestic flights in many remote parts of the country too but they are unable to fly exactly on time because of weather and also because the airports are not properly equipped with modern services. The local road connection is also poor so it may take long time to travel even a short distance.You need to accept this condition with patience. If you could rent a private vehicle, it would be more convenient for you.


You can make plans for travelling to Nepal on your own but for better planning, safe journey and to avoid all types of difficulties, it would be better if you book your trip with any travel and tours company. You are always welcome.

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